Ad-Venture Capital Management

Technology and Infastructure - Investments - Greenwich, CT is a centralized, completely neutral online municipal marketplace dedicated exclusively to the municipal asset class. It offers trading, price evaluations and an array of municipal market and price information. The interactive trading platform lets professionals and qualified investors negotiate prices anonymously and execute low-cost online trades efficiently in a secure environment.


Peerless Network, Inc. - Chicago, IL


Peerless Network was originally founded in 2008 by industry veterans committed to simplifying the interconnection process.  To that end, Peerless Network has built one of the largest interconnection networks in the country, enabling wireless carriers, competitive and incumbent local exchange carriers, cable companies, enhanced service providers and enterprises to connect with each other regardless of how (SIP or TDM), where (centralized or decentralized) and who they need to interconnect.  As a result, Peerless Network is now connected to nearly every major domestic carrier offering call origination and termination services in over 100 LATA’s (Local Access Transport Areas) and 30 MTA’s (Major Trading Areas).